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In the summer of 2010 life was as normal as could be for a Crohn's patient and the family that loves her.  Regular doctor visits and thousands of dollars in medication had done little to stem the attack on Rebekah as the disease ravaged her body and left her feeling weak and helpless.  Barely able to eat anything, and without the strength to enjoy even her children, she was desperate to find something that could help.  During what would prove to be one of her last doctor visits, she was told that there was nothing else that medical science could do for her, and she would likely die in the upcoming year.  The doctor also told her that since there was nothing he could do, that he would no longer be seeing her. In essence he told her to go home and wait for nature to take its course, and her life. We were devastated as our world came crashing down around us.

Over the next year or so we both experienced a crisis of faith.  Was there a God?  Was God good?  Who was God? What is health?  What is life? These questions and more filled our thoughts and consumed nearly every waking moment.  I (Aaron) dove into scientific literature, philosophy, theology, anatomy and healing from various paradigms and traditions.  I read anything I could get my hands on in an attempt to not only settle these questions for myself, but to find something that would help my ailing wife to heal.  Anything to keep her with us. 

As I studied I began to pierce many half truths and outright lies that I had bought into hook line and sinker, simply because someone who had a degree or official training had told me that they were true.  I discarded everything that I thought that I knew about a great many subjects and began to rebuild every aspect of my understanding of the way the world works.  It has taken years, but I have now determined that I do in fact believe that there is a God.  Once that was settled, I began setting out to determine the nature and characteristics of God and the way that He interacts with us.  After extensive study into many various religious traditions including but not limited to: Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Islam, and New Age philosophies; I determined that the one true God of the Universe is YHVH as revealed in the Bible, whose revelation begins and is founded in The Torah and is further clarified and refined throughout the rest of the scripture commonly known as the Bible.

Ever since this revelation in the fall of 2014, Rebekah and I have grown in ways that even we cannot begin to express.  Rebekah has been healed completely of her Crohn's disease as well as other allergies and conditions that have plagued her throughout her life.  I have been healed of many emotional issues that I did not even know plagued me when this all began.  We have been led by the Father to begin a Torah study group and have been facilitating this group since the spring of 2016, and now He has shown us that it is time to expand this ministry to share what He has revealed to us through this ministry. 

Life is more than health.  Life is more than physical. Come with us as we delve into the wonders of the Bible and explore just what it has to say about us, about God, and about LIFE.  YHVH has given His people the keys to living life, and they are founded in His Torah.  His Instruction manual for humanity.  His instruction manual for Life. He is the God of the living and seeking Him is to seek life.   Join us as we Darash Chai, as we Seek Life.

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Statement of Faith

I am not a Jew, not by modern definitions. I was not born into a Jewish home. I am not trying to be Jewish and I will never replace the Jews in God’s heart. I don’t find myself overly drawn to Jewish traditions. It is wonderful to be a Jew - but I was not made to be one, not by modern standards.
I was born of the Nations. I was called out from the Nations by a God who designed me to be from the Nations, speaking one of the languages of the Nations, so that I could be one of His multitude of witnesses in full view of the Nations. I make no apologies for having come from the Nations, nor should I! I also refuse to be defined by my having originated from the Nations.
What I am is grafted into the olive tree of Israel; I am not of the Jews, and no longer of the Gentiles. I am called to obey the Laws of the people of Israel, the Torah; they are the Laws of my King and as a Citizen of His Kingdom they are my inheritance. I am not called to walk in the ways of the Gentiles (paganism and humanism), or the laws of the Church (denominational doctrines and traditions), or according to the traditions of the elders.

The original Christians were Jews, according to the pre-Roman definition of what it meant to be a Jew – one who worships the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and follows His commandments. That they, as have I, accepted Yeshua as Messiah did not exclude them from the Jewish community at large for the majority of the first 400 years after the life of Yeshua.
I am not trying to be a Jew as defined by the Romans. I am not trying to be a Christian, as defined by the Romans. I am trying to be an Israelite. Because I came from the Nations, I will never look authentically Jewish to most Jews, although to the Gentile eye, it might appear so because I will do some of the things that the Jews do, the way that they do it, but other things I will do in a way that looks utterly foreign to one of my Jewish brothers or sisters. That's okay – it was that way during those times that predated the legislated Roman Orthodoxy as well.
I look this way because I am a person who was called out of the Nations, by the Master Yeshua the Messiah of Israel, to be a part of His people, obeying His Laws, and waiting for His return. I am doing my best, and it's going to look weird to people, but that's where patience and compassion and a desire for unity come into the picture. I have to obey the Torah of YHVH, but the way I obey it doesn't always have to look exactly the same as the way that you obey it.
Torah is a pursuit and a journey of a child with its Father. As each child is individually unique, so will our walk with the Father be unique. Same rules for all the children, born Jewish or born of the Nations, but at different points along the walk, we will be better and worse than others at figuring out how to live in obedience. It's absolutely okay for those of us from the Nations to look strange; we weren't raised like this. It's a struggle and a learning process. We are wild olive branches receiving nourishment from the root of Israel and learning to thrive. We will fail all the time; start expecting failure and realize that after 3500 years, we are all doing it wrong, but love spurs us on to try anyway. Faith tells us that YHVH greatly rejoices in our pursuit of obedience.

- “The Bridge: Crossing Over Into the Fullness of Covenant Life.” by Tyler Dawn Rosenquist
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